Providing Tuscaloosa With Delicious Sushi, One Piece at a Time

Hokkaido is your restaurant for authentic Japanese cuisine

Where can you go to satisfy your sushi craving without breaking the bank? Hokkaido in Tuscaloosa, AL, of course! With some of the best, freshest sushi in the area and a delicious hibachi grill, you'll get your fill at Hokkaido.

We combine delicious and affordable to bring you some of the best hibachi and sushi selections in the area. Celebrate our one year anniversary with us at our new location by enjoying handmade, fresh sushi.

At this time, we are not accepting reservations

Delectable sushi right at your fingertips

To us, there's nothing more enjoyable than a night on the town knocking down multiple plates of sushi. With our affordable and exquisite rolls, you can enjoy the same! Try something off our sushi menu that you never have before, such as the Crab Angel Roll, or stick with a classic sushi choice like the California Roll. Whatever direction your taste buds take you in, you'll find something that strikes your fancy at Hokkaido in Tuscaloosa, AL.

At Hokkaido, we pride ourselves on offering fresh sushi that's made perfectly every time. We believe sushi is an art form and take great care to bring you the best and freshest selection.

Choose from a wonderful variety at our hibachi grill!

Enjoy watching the exceptional technique of our master chefs as they cook a delicious meal while astonishing you at the hibachi grill. We work hard to create dishes that'll keep you coming back for more.

Watch our chef flip, slice and sautée your food to perfection and present a tasty dish you won't find anywhere else. With a vast menu that includes a variety of Japanese options, Hokkaido has something for everyone who enjoys a scrumptious hibachi steakhouse.

Not only do we provide fresh sushi and great hibachi grill options, we can also host your next special event! Whether you're turning another year older or are celebrating an anniversary, you'll have a blast commemorating your occasion at Hokkaido in Tuscaloosa, AL.


Hokkaido is now hiring experienced servers and hostesses! Call for more information or stop by to apply.

Try Our New Sake Products!

Try Our New Sake Products!